For us, exercise is medical prevention

We want to improve and preserve your personal health and fitness through training, a good nutrition and fun. 


Good Fitness = Good Health


The team of FREiSPORT

Eileen Frei

I am a certified trainer and fitness nurses who originally hails from Germany. When training you, I use my medical know-how and my experience to improve your health, wellbeing, and keep the doctor away! Your immune system will be strengthened by regular and focused training. You can fight your back pain, shape your body, and gain more mobility without any cardio training. Everybody knows how hard it is to treat yourself to a regular training. Freisport is my solution for this problem.

I developed Freisport in 2008 to help those who struggle to fit exercise into their daily routine. Since then I have used my passion to help countless people improve their fitness. I coach using only my voice and also perform moves with you via webcam. My main focus is YOU, all the time: helping you to doing the right thing correctly. This way I protect you from injuries and provide the highest efficiency during every workout. I want to train correctly without using huge amounts of time. Fitness and health are the same thing! My goal is to make your mind and body refreshed, energized, and healthy. 


And I will motivate you every single moment!

Eileen & Jessi

We met 2015 in Nicaragua, instantly connected. The universe brought us together immediately creating a bubble of positive motivation for life. We were born on different continents but our souls as one. Being the same age and having so much love for the ocean, we ride the same waves, both literally and figuratively. Many people will come and go in life, but those special few will always be there, in mind body and spirit no matter what. And that is us.




Head Coach

40 y/o

Graduate Nurse

Personal Health Coach

Food Coach

I have enjoyed physical training since the age of seven. I began with swimming, athletics, and handball and have grown to enjoy everything from surfing to hiking to yoga. This has always been my life. After school I pursued my interest in coaching and everything about health and staying young. During my profession as a nurse I got a very deep look at preventative techniques. I am a passionate surfer and snowboarder, but I currently live far away from my place of birth in the mountains of Austria. I still travel often to visit clients but have found training via webcam to be efficient, easy, and effective. So, my clients and friends have the opportunity to train with me regularly no matter where they are! Through this work I am pursuing my passion and also living my dream of a life surfing and snowboarding and stay healthy for myself. I can follow my own path and help others to feel better.


This is what my life is all about. Sports in every shape, good and healthy food, having fun and stoping the aging process!




Physio Therapist

Personal Health Coach

Food Coach

I have had an understanding of the human body since I was a child when I helped massage my surfer dad and his friends on the beach before contests. I was a USS swimmer since the age of 9 and placed in the top ten in my state of Florida and the top fifty in the US.

I have been surfing since the age of 13 and cross training since the age of 14. I also snowboard and like to mountain bike.

I have been a physio therapist for 8 years now specializing in deep tissue sports massage. I love my job! In healing others I also heal myself. I believe creating balance with exercise and good diet will lead to a healthy happy life! It is never too late to start!

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