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No time is for everyone

We know that many people lead busy lives and that they find it difficult to carve out personal time to work out. It is precisely because of this situation that we created a highly efficient virtual personal training program that recognizes the value of your time. We offer targeted workouts that give you superior fitness results with a time commitment of only three 20-minute workouts a week. We will give you exact instructions and monitor your progress live via webcam while working with you to gradually improve exercise techniques and your overall level of fitness. With proper coaching, it actually takes very little time to get in shape and reach your personal fitness objectives. We will show you how three 20-minute workouts a week can give your body all the attention it needs to perform optimally and to look great! 

Private Training

Optimal performance, focused on YOU. Here we create exercises and lessons especially for you. And you can ask all the questions you have about exercising and your diet.

Group Training

Use the dynamics of a group and save money. Your trainer has multiple participants on her screen at the same time but makes sure you're still getting individual attention. 


Do you have an busy life?

  Are you one of those people who wants to be more fit, but you are just too busy with work, family, hobbies, travel, and other commitments? Regardless of your situation, we feel like everyone can benefit from exercising on a regular basis. Regular exercise and a healthy diet provide the foundations for living a long, healthy and happy life. Put simply: your health is our focus. Our short, high-efficiency training sessions are easy to do anywhere you are: at home or in a hotel room or on a deserted beach (if it has internet) - everywhere! They can also be done while you are at home caring for a young child or just hanging out with your dog or cat. We will give you the motivation and the courage you need, even through difficult and tough times when you don’t feel like working out. This will help you to stay consistent in your workouts while allowing you to feel and see the positive effects of this dedication.  


Office Training

Bring fitness to your office! We offer custom programs that are designed to adapt to your available time and space even if the only time you have is during your lunch break. These uncomplicated training sessions come straight to your office, live via web-conference.

At your own desk, together in a meeting room or even on the hallway.

Are you an highly motivated worker?

Office trainings can be done with a larger group in a meeting room or even in a hallway. And it can be more personalized for you at your own desk. No excuses, just a quick impactful workout for employees of your company in the middle of any work day. Company management should understand that the value of office trainings is that they help promote both productivity and overall levels of health in the workplace… plus they are fun!


Head Coach

Graduate Nurse

Personal Health Coach

Food Coach



Physio Therapist

Personal Health Coach

Food Coach

For me, fitness is preventative medicine

I am a trained nurse and my primary objective is to help you get healthy and stay healthy.  At Freisport I believe that healthy living is an holistic pursuit. This fact has been known for ages. It’s not enough to only have a body that appears fit on the outside; I want to help you with your overall health and increase your life expectancy by guiding you with a multi-pronged health coaching approach. Your body will look and feel better because of our exercise training regimen and food coaching, and I hope that your soul will be enriched as we go along. I firmly believe that in addition to an improved body this holistic approach can lead to a stronger immune system and a happier life. I will train you based on the principles of the supercompensation. What this means is that we will set a training course with the appropriate intensity of workouts followed by the appropriate amount of time that your body needs for rest and regeneration (usually around 48 hours).

We offer trainings on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Trainings are generally in the morning or in the evening, although this might vary depending on where you located in the world. 

Happiness as side effect

Be more fit, more agile, and stronger. Gain more self esteem and be happier. Nothing is holding you back! My clients have commented time and time again that they gain greater levels of self-esteem and happiness as they become more fit and healthy!


Gigi Rüf Slash Snow

Snowboard athlete

Gigi Rüf

I'd rather grab my snowboard instead of sweating in a gym. I have been working out with Freisport three times a week for the past several years; 3X20 minutes each week. They really know what they are doing. I can save a lot of time, which means more time for me to spend with my family. It helps me to stay young and fit, and to extend my career as a professional snowboarder.


Barbara Balldini

Barbara Balldini

Sex therapist and cabaret artist

For me, Freisport is genius. I am on tour most of the year, but I am still able to exercise with my trainer wherever I am. She knows me best and knows how to motivate me again and again. Because I do not like to put too much pressure on myself to workout, I really enjoy the short, highly efficient trainings.

Mandy Bennedorf


The most beneficial part of participation in Freisport training is that it gives me access to professional fitness training straight from my home. The different class time slots offered make it possible for me to find the right moment to work out even as my daily schedule changes. It can be early in the morning, at mid-day or in the evening – each day gives me many opportunities for a spontaneous training session. The trainers are really kind-hearted, funny people. All of my fears about online training were gone after the first session. It is the perfect mixture that has helped me move towards having the body of my dreams. And I could see the first results after only 2-3 weeks.

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